Are You Too Distracted to Be Successful?

Have you ever known anyone who sold a stock, only to see it soar through the roof?

Are You Too Distracted to Be Successful?

They spend the rest of their life saying “if only I had given it a little more time.”

This same principle applies to business, whether you’re starting a lemonade stand or a car company.

You have to give your business time to succeed.

So many people today look to “get rich quick” online. They spend $497 thinking they’ll make thousands by the end of the week.

They spend a few hours, maybe follow the steps. Then, at the end of the week when nothing has happened they say the course doesn’t work.

Then they go out and buy another training. And then do the same thing over and over again.

Five years later they’ve spent tens-of-thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it.

The irony of it all is the whole time they cry about not having the money to buy traffic.

Or to hire a tech guy to help them build that page.

They DID have the money. They just chose to spend it on a “quick fix” mentality.

You see, if they would have just focused on ONE thing and gave it some time, eventually they would have begun to see a profit.

Instead, every opportunity was analyzed through the lens of “what does this cost me?”

Maybe that is even you.

If so, stop thinking in terms of “what does this cost” and start to ask “what will this earn me?”

Start to think in terms of the return you get from your money, effort and time.

Because the reality is that all it takes is a little bit of time and a whole lot of focus.

Success is a numbers game.

And numbers don’t lie.

With Digital Altitude it’s a mathematical certainty that you will succeed.

Digital Altitude

IF you put in the effort and drive the traffic to your sales pages.

The numbers for you are that out of every 100 people you send to your free video page, 30 people will sign up.

That’s proven. That’s what the D.A. system delivers time and time again.

The great news for you is that your system will now continue to follow up for you on complete autopilot. You don’t have to put in any other effort as the follow up is already built in for you.

Now, out of those 30 people who sign up for the free report, 1.5 will sign up for the $1 trial immediately. A few more will come in later down the line after the system follows up with them.

That may not seem like much… but remember, you only had to get 100 people to your site. If you send 1,000 people, then you end up with 15 people in your down line.

Those are the hard numbers. They’re tested and they’re proven.

Tell me, what’s the last opportunity that practically guaranteed you 15 people in your down line with very little effort?

And, like the penny that doubles every day, eventually your small efforts will result in HUGE returns.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, people were offered either $1 Million dollars now… or a penny that doubled every day for a month.

Most people choose the million bucks. (Get rich quick mentality).

The penny starts off slowly. In fact, after 14 days all you have to show for it is $200. Most people would call it a scam and give up.

Yet if you stick with it, by day 30 you will have made – are you ready for this? – $10.7 MILLION dollars.

All from starting with a single penny.

So if a simple penny can do all that, imagine what you can do with just getting 100 clicks to your affiliate link every day.

That’s the power of focus and consistency.


Sometimes you get lucky…

See update from Michael Force, Founder of Digital Altitude below:

Today is the day the new DA prices go live.

Sometimes you get lucky...

Here’s the deal though…

Digital Altitude has been around for 2 years now, and as you might guess, we have a tremendous amount of marketing material.

  • Video sales letters
  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • The programs
  • Training
  • Emails


It all needs to be updated when the prices change.

And changing the prices on all of that material is taking us a bit longer than we expected.

As a result, many of our sales pages haven’t been updated with the new prices yet.

So here’s what we’ve decided to do:

We’re going to extend the current pricing for 2 more weeks.

However, September 1st is the FINAL deadline.

No exceptions.

Based on our current progress, everything will be completed well before September 1st.

So if you haven’t joined yet, today is your lucky day!

But don’t let “luck” be your guiding principle.
Sometimes it works out in your favor, but luck is more about being prepared than anything else.

Get with your coach and upgrade while you can.

As with any company the size of DA, there’s a lot of moving piece.

And sometimes it takes a little longer to get all those pieces fit into the puzzle.

That’s what happened here.

Of course, that’s great news for you.

Because you get another two weeks to upgrade and climb to new heights.

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by again.

See you at the top,

Michael Force
Digital Altitude

P.S. You have a second chance. Don’t waste it this time. September 1st is the final deadline with no exceptions. Call your coach now and see what’s right for you.


Are you ready for the upcoming changes in DA?

Digital Altitude prices are increasing on August 15th.

You can get details here >>

Are you ready?

If you are serious about your DA business long-term, this is a great opportunity. First, if you’re not upgraded into the top-tier products, you can save money by doing that before August 15th.

Either way, if you truly see the vision of Digital Altitude and are committed to building this business long-term, this change is going to result in even more commissions for you and your team.

Be sure to review the details about tis price increase, and pass this information along to your team.

Digital Altitude is the top income stream in PIPS for a reason. It’s the one that can change your life the fastest, and it’s also built to help you and I create financial security for life.

I fully expect to still be growing my Digital Altitude 10 years from now. Remember, I’ve been with SFI for over 15 years now. I think long-term about this business.

I hope you’ll be with me! Let’s climb this mountain to the top together!


Stone Evans