5 Plug-In Profit Site updates (improvements)…

I have 5 Plug-In Profit Site updates (improvements) for you to review…

5 Plug-In Profit Site updates (improvements)...

1. I’ve installed new security for your website. If you want to login and make updates or changes to your site, the new instructions for this are inside your account here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/howtologin/

2. If you are an auto-blog customer, service was down for about 10 days as I had to completely rebuild the software and platform I use to provide the daily blogging service. This period of time will be added to the duration of your co-op or auto-blogging membership.

We are not back up and running and the double posting experience that some of you have experienced should be solved now. You can expect daily posting of high quality, engaging articles on your site to resume immediately. This starts with today’s blog post shown here: https://www.homebusinessideas.com/4-youtube-marketing-mistakes/

Remember, if you are blogging regularly, activate SNAP as shown in Day 5 so your blog posts will start bringing visitors to your website every day automatically. More details are here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/30daystosuccess/day5.html

3. For a few months, we were not branding and uploading Dotcomology with new member websites, but we have resumed this once again and there is a new site layout which you can see here: https://www.homebusinessideas.com

Primary updates are in the widget area and Free Bonuses page. If you would like Dotcomology branded for you and your website updated, just contact me at the help desk and we’ll get it done for you at: http://support.pluginprofitsite.com

4. I’ve also updated the co-op to promote our member’s opt in page that looks like this: http://www.homebusiness.biz

If you are a co-op member, you can expect to get more subscribers now through this process. Just make sure your Aweber account is setup and connected to your PIPS account as described in Day 2 of our training: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/30daystosuccess/day2.html

Ok that’s it for now… PIPS sales are rocking right now. More and more people are using the no cost marketing strategy shown in Day 10 combined with auto-blogging to get multiple signups every day.

Our top affiliate using this strategy is regularly getting 3-4 new full PIPS signups every day. It costs nothing but your time and effort, and is highly effective. If you can replicate this strategy in your own style, you can build a 6 or 7 figure business online without every paying a dime in advertising. More details are inside your account here: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/30daystosuccess/day10.html

I’m honored to be partnered with you, and look forward to continuing to provide services to help you grow your online business faster and easier. I’m here to help so if you need anything, contact me at the help desk, or send me a text at: 1-214-762-2329


6 Ways to Improve Focus When Working From Home

Did you get your auto-blog today?

Auto-Blog Posting

Here’s today’s post:

6 Ways to Improve Focus When Working from Home

If you’re a PIPS Co-op member and have activated
our auto-blog service, you’ll find this article on your
blog today too. Then, if you follow some of the steps
outlined in Day 5 of the training to connect your blog
to social media, you’ll find these daily blog posts
start attracting additional visitors to your website daily.

Blogging works… Whether I do it for you, or you do it
yourself, do it because it’s a path to online success.

Here’s a message from one of our members:

“Hi Stone, Just wanted to send a Thank You!

I’ve had 3 new members sign up for SFI in the last 12
hours just from the auto blogging that you provide!

I can’t want to see the success as I really start
promoting PIPS in the coming days, weeks and months!

Thanks again,”

I want you to make sure you got your blog post today,
because it can truly work some automatic magic in
growing your business for you. If you’re not a PIPS co-op
member yet, you can learn more about all of the services
we provide here: https://www.PlugInProfitSiteCoop.com

I also offer daily blogging only if you really don’t want to
receive all co-op services. You can learn more about
this option in Day 5 of our member’s training guide here >

I hope all is going great for you! 🙂

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you
benefit more from your membership with PIPS. I’ll be
online via live chat throughout the day, and you can
also text me at: 214-762-2329

Best regards,

Stone Evans
– Developer, Plug-In Profit Site

P.S. Have you seen our new Day 10 training yet? One of
our members is referring 2-4 new PIPS members every day
using this strategy and the only thing it requires is effort…

Check it out >>


Update from Vegas

How are things going? I hope well!

I’m in Vegas wrapping up the DA MME event. I learned a lot, networked with fellow PIPS and DA members, and am heading back home to Dallas tomorrow to get to work. 🙂

Update from Vegas

I’ve made some new decisions and new commitments while I’ve been here. It’s been an inspiring environment.

One of those decisions is communicating more with you, recording more videos and tutorials for you, and focus on implementing better team building strategies.

I’ve got to be honest… I’ve done some personal reflecting in recent weeks after reading a couple of books and evaluating the trajectory of my life and business.

One of those books is Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris. Amazing book, and tons of actionable tips and strategies for upgrading your life.

The other one is Rich Kids by Tom Corley. I originally bought this book to help guide my children to greater financial and life success. But after reading it (two years after I purchased it), I was blown away in all that I LEARNED that I could apply to my life right now.

I learned about Rich Habits and how it’s really our habits that determine whether we will be rich or poor, and Tom as a CPA devoted 5 years of his life interviewing hundreds of rich and poor clients of his to elicit the habits that each group had which ultimately determined the success and wealth of the individual.

I realized in reading that I have some rich habits… but I also have some poor habits! – which explains a lot of why the success I’ve achieved in business and life plateaued at a certain level and even started to decline in recent years.

So I have now identified those habits, and I’m changing them immediately!

I cannot recommend that book highly enough. I’ve read dozens of books over the years (including many of the classics) about growing rich and successful, and I haven’t learned as much or been as inspired by a book as I have by this one in a long time…

I guess when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 🙂

On a related note, about re-commitment, if you are an auto-blog customer, I believe you have noticed that the blog posts I’ve been making have not been as consistent as I’ve promised, which is daily!

I’m going to change this, and it started today with my latest post: “Make $500 a Week Selling Skype Slots” which you can see here: https://www.homebusinessideas.com/make-500-week-selling-skype-slots/

If you are an auto-blog member, you will have already received this post on your website.

In addition, the term period of your auto-blog services, or co-op membership has now been officially reset with an October 15th start date.

This means that if you signed up for the Annual service, you will be receiving service through October 15th, 2018, and you can expect CONSISTENCY and quality with the daily blog posting service.

Ok, those are my major updates for the moment. There will be much more to come. I have a renewed passion and commitment for helping you achieve success in this business, and will work daily and passionately in many new ways to help make that happen.

If you have any feedback do let me know. As always, the best ways to communicate with me are live chat when I’m online, our help desk, or send me a text at 214-762-2329

Let’s turn the remaining 2 1/2 months of this year into a period of massive growth, action and results in our businesses!